Deep in the South there is a common animal that lurks around. The Alligator or Gator, as sometimes referred to. These fascinating creatures lurk in the rivers and surprise the unsuspected Bayou and Everglades visitors with their loud growl and super quick speed. Whether your in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, all the way up to Florida, you can be assured you will spot an alligator; alive or dead! We have the perfect sterling silver charms to remind you of these unforgettable creatures. Our alligator charms and gator charms come in different sizes and are great gifts to attach to sterling silver charm bracelets for women and even childrens charm bracelets, wear as earrings, or hang on a necklace or leather cord. Even animal enthusiasts and herpetologists would enjoy getting this trinket!

Alligator Charm and Gator Charm Sterling Silver

Treasure Island Jewelry Company
Treasure Island Jewelry Company is an industry leader in the sale of sterling silver charms and beads

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Browse our considerable collection of charms, beads, jewelry, gifts, desk items, and beading supplies today!

If you need to contact us directly, phone us at our Houston location.

Normal business hours are:
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9a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday.

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